March 24, 2018

The Year of the Snow

(Intro ends at 5:40, skip to here if you wanna just start the episode) 

In March 2018, the United Kingdom and Ireland were affected by a cold wave, dubbed the Beast from the East by the media, which brought widespread unseasonably low temperatures and heavy snowfall to large areas. The cold wave combined with Storm Emma made landfall in southwest England and southern Ireland on 2 March and became the biggest blizzard to hit Ireland in 30 years. 

In this episode, Johnny sits down with some former guests, to see how they got on during "The Year of The Snow"

Gordon Rochford is the host of Those Conspiracy Guys ( and is currently trying to secure crowdfunding for his latest project, check it out here:

Darren (aka Badamb, aka Open Bottle) is a YouTuber, Gamer, and Dinosaur enthusiast. His channel can be found here:

Mark is a Music teacher, filmmaker, and a Ukelele expert. He can be found hanging around town on Friday nights, having the craic. 

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